About us

We are a GeneXus technologies specialized company focused on providing consulting services and software development. Our business areas also include: business process re-engineering, custom software development, coaching and business intelligence.

Our Mission

Support both software development companies as well as IT departments to meet their strategic technology objectives.

Our Philosophy

Develop a framework to build trust with the customer and become its technology partner to help consolidate the growth of its business and achieve success for its company.


GeneXus Solution Partner

GeneXus Solution Partner Gold

As a member of the Solution Partner group, Artech certifies our quality in the development of solutions using GeneXus tool.

GeneXus Smart Devices Partner

GeneXus Smart Devices Partner

We were the first company that created Smart Devices apps with GeneXus and since then Mobile development has been an essential part of Simplifica.

GeneXus Platform Partner

GeneXus Platform Partner

We are the only company in the GeneXus community with a team solely dedicated to providing GeneXus extensibility solutions to meet your needs.

We are members of:


Uruguayan Chamber of Information Technologies

CUTI is the organization that represents Uruguayan industry of information technologies and communications (ICTs), located within the LATU’s premises as well as Simplifica.

Cámara Uruguayo-Alemana

Uruguayan-German Chamber of Commerce

Founded in 1916, the Uruguayan-German Chamber of Commerce, has over 400 members and is the largest bi-national entity in Uruguay.
With its global network of 120 German Chambers Abroad (AHK's) it covers 99% of German trading.

Strategic Alliances


3i - Chile

ISO Management System Training

Inosat Uruguay

Inosat Uruguay

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