Consultancy Services

Simplifica supports the growth of your organization, through the use of development cutting-edge technologies and project management best practices.

Working together with our customers, it is possible to achieve outstanding results leading to the improvement in the organization’s processes, incorporating cutting-edge technology, developing quality applications and transferring knowledge to our customers.

Some of our last projects:

We support you to take full advantage of GeneXus.

We support the companies and IT departments that trusted GeneXus to achieve its technological goals either in architectural matters and methodologies, best practices and training.

We have supported several companies not only in Uruguay and the region, but also in countries like Haiti, China and Japan.

We have delivered training sessions in the following countries:

    Costa Rica


Mobile Development

We develop native applications for the most popular mobile devices on the market.
We are pioneers in the development of native applications for Mobile Devices. Simplifica counts on a team dedicated exclusively to the development of mobile applications.
Our experience will allow us to find the best solution to meet your needs.

Mobility solutions for your business

- Expand your systems incorporating modules for mobile devices.
- Optimize your business processes with the benefits of this technology.
- A world of opportunities: pinpoint the location, print from mobile devices, read barcodes, NFC, Bluetooth, Beacons, interoperability with external devices, voice or facial recognition, it’s just a list of possibilities that this technology allows for.

Business Intelligence

To facilitate decision making in a company, we need to transform large amount of data into clear information, allowing to make a full and beneficial use of it in a simple and intuitive way.

With over 10 years of experience in Business Intelligence, we are your best option to carry out your projects.

Each organization is unique:

Our commitment is to offer you the best solution without being tied to any specific data analysis tool.

Read success story – Riogas (Uruguay)

Custom Software

We support the companies that require a particular development and don’t have the specific knowledge or enough resources to carry it out. You will therefore be able to rely on a highly qualified team working either remotely or from your office.

We are:

GeneXus Gold Solution Partner

Genexus Migrations

We have a highly qualified team to carry out migration projects. We ensure you can maximize the benefits of using the latest version of GeneXus.

GeneXus Extensibility

We are the sole company in the GeneXus community with an exclusively dedicated team, to offer GeneXus extensibility solutions to meet your needs.

This allows us to enhance our developments, improving the design, usability and interoperability with external devices, as well as providing all this powerful tools to our customers.

Click here to see how to enhance your GeneXus developments.

We are:

GeneXus Solution Partner
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